"Time to get to work! Follow your coworker's lead and move those thingies!"
— Working Dough Description

"It's time to get to work, dough-boy! Just follow what your supervisor does, and do your best!"
— Working Dough Description (European version only in Rhythm Heaven Fever)

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Working Dough
はたらくまんじゅう Hataraku Manju

Working Dough

Working Dough 3DS

BPM 140
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Fever
Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game Number 11 (Rhythm Heaven Fever)
50 (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)
Perfect Reward After Work (Rhythm Heaven Fever)
1 Flow Ball (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)
Song Used Working Dough

Working Dough (はたらくまんじゅう Hataraku Manjyu?) is the 11th minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever and the 50th mingame in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It is about two rookie dough dudes (characters played in this game) working to get the fuel orbs delivered along with the two veteran dough dudes. A sequel is unlocked later on called Working Dough 2.


Working Dough gameplay
Working Dough 3DS Gameplay

The player controls the dough dudes to the right of the screen. These dough dudes must copy the rhythm of the dough dudes to the left of the screen. Objects will fall on the left dough dudes as they push them up a machine, and then fall back again toward the player, who must push them as well in the exact order. Pressing A button will make the small dough jump weak while pusihing small orbs, and pressing both A and B button will make the big dough jump strong while pushing only large orbs.


Rhythm Heaven Fever

  • A: Weak Jump (push small spheres)
  • A + B: Strong Jump (push large spheres)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Button Mode

  • A: Weak Jump (push small spheres)
  • B: Strong Jump (push large spheres)

Simple Tap Mode

  • Tap: Weak or Strong Jump (push small or large spheres)

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The spheres will be bounced into the next compartment.
  • Barely: The sphere will be hit, but a 'doink' sound can be heard, and it will hit the edge of the next compartment and fall down. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: Not hitting a sphere will cause it to fall down off the screen. Hitting a small sphere with a strong jump will cause it to shatter to pieces, while hitting a large sphere with a weak jump will cause it to clang and fall down.

Rating Notes

Rhythm Heaven Fever (US Version)


  • "Foreman's Report"

Try Again

  • "You...didn't do so hot."
  • "One blob at a time, my friend."
  • "Kind of fell apart at the end..."


  • "Eh. Good enough."


  • "Hey, solid work there."
  • "That was a lot! You made it!"
  • "Great combos at the end!"

Rhythm Heaven Fever (European Version)


  • "Supervision's Evaluation"

Try Again

  • "You're not really cut out for the job."
  • "Try not to hurry when under pressure."
  • "You missed a lot of jumps at the end."


  • "Good try."


  • "You are a reliable worker."
  • "You coped well under pressure."
  • "Good work on the combos at the end."

Rhythm Heaven Megamix


  • "Supervision's Review"

Try Again

  • "Try harder next time."
  • "You had trouble with the small ones."
  • "You couldn't handle the heavy ones."


  • "Eh. Passable."


  • "You moved the small ones well."
  • "You handled the heavy ones handily!"


Rhythm Heaven Fever (Including US and European versions)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Rhythm Item

Little Dough

Little Dough
Not before Dinner
When I came to see the spaceship with my daddy, they gave me dumplings to take home--a big one and a small one. I gave the big one to my daddy.

Skill Star

When the big dough mothership shows up with the worker inside, hit the small orb perfectly to collect the star.



  • The game's premise is based off the expression "working dough", used to describe the process of kneading dough for baking. The game takes the phrase literally, with the Dough Dudes "working" in a factory.
  • Mr. Game & Watch, the mascot for Nintendo's first game system, makes an appearance in the background as a factory worker. He also appears in the credits with the Dough Dudes, but goes unnamed.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese はたらくまんじゅう Working Manju
FR French Boulettes au boulot
ES Spanish Dulces trabajadores
D German Klopsarbeiter
IT Italian Fagottini al lavoro
Flag of South Korea Korean 일하는 호빵 Working Steam Bun

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