Weasel Couple
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Weasels 2
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Gender Both male and female
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Weasel Couple (イタチカップル Itachi Kappuru in Japanese and Ferrets in European) are two weasels who appear in the minigame Double Date in Rhythm Heaven Fever. They appear in a hole in the ground and watch the boy and his crush sit on a bench together.

Physical Appearances

The male weasel is orange. He has a tall body, a long tail, and a big black nose. He has a large mouth and whiskers over his pink cheeks.

The female weasel is identical, although instead of orange, she is pink. She also has visible eyelashes.


When the boy and his crush sat on a bench after school, the boy couldn't help but notice a weasel couple staring at him. A soccer ball suddenly came out nowhere, and the boy reflexively gave it a kick. The weasels were happy. This led up to the events of Double Date. The male weasel teaches the boy how to properly kick the sports balls coming their direction.



  • In the European version, the weasels are named "Ferrets".


In Other Languages

Language Name
FR French Les belettes