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Wake-Up Caller

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Game Number

1 (Japanese version); 2 (Other Versions)

Wake-Up Caller (めざましがかり mezamashigakari "alarm duty') is an endless game in Rhythm Heaven Fever, unlocked after receiving 3 medals in the Japanese version and 11 medals in the non-Japanese versions. The player plays as an alarm clock, who is attempting to wake up the mechanical bird inside a cuckoo clock at the right time.


Before each round, the bird will tell the player what time it would like to wake up. A beat will be counted off, and the clock will start ticking. After roughly four beats, the clock will disappear, so the player must keep counting. When the clock reaches the specified time, the player must press A to stop it. On occasion, the bird will ask to be woken up off the hour, which requires the player to pause in between the two hour marks.


  • A: Stop clock

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The bird will pop out of the cuckoo clock and toss a seed into a flower pot. The seed will grow into a petaled flower.
  • Barely: If the player is off by roughly 15 minutes, the clock will blush and turn forward or back to the proper time. The bird will pop out and toss a seed like normal, but the resulting flower will not have petals. A barely counts as a hit.
  • Miss: The bird will jump out of bed in shock while the clock goes flying. Or if the player does nothing, the time flies and changes the background leaving bird sleeping forever. One miss ends the game.


  • Once the player reaches 5 points (and every so often after that), the seeds will become rainbow colored over the next few levels, display a series of letters, and then go back to normal. The letters that pop up spell BOUTS, which can be inserted into the Police Call Rhythm Toy.
  • Rhythm Tengoku characters make cameos during the levels 10-13 The moon will turn into a virus from Sick Beats. The black cat from Rat Race will be standing on the window. A small green alien from Spaceball will be seen in the sky.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese めざましがかり "Alarm Clock"
FR French
ES Spanish
D German Weckservice
IT Italian Sveglia mattutina
Flag of South Korea Korean 자명종 담당 "Alarm Clock"