Howdy everyone. Ever thought Rhythm Heaven was too easy? Well first off, wow that is quite impressive. Secondly, I have a challenge for you! Now this challenge is called the Blind Challenge... because that's pretty much it. You have to play the rhythm games with your eyes closed or covered. After all there are many audio cues to cue into.

The Rules

I'm sorry but there are a few rules to this challenge.

  1. First and foremost, you MUST play the game BLIND. Failure to do so will result in failure of the challenge.
  2. Secondly, you must pass all games. This means no use of the Barista (who may or may not be a lovable dog).

Those are the main two rules. However there are a few exceptions.

  1. As an exception to the first rule, you may play up to THREE REMIXS with your eyes open. I suggest saving these for the harder ones *coughcoughRemix10cough*.
  2. If you find you cannot pass a game blind (aka. 15+ tries) you can use the Barista.

Those who have passed the challenge

As of the time that this blog has been posted (23/06/2013) no-one has passed this challenge (as it has only just been set). Provide some type of proof that you have passed this challenge in the comments and you will be added to this list.

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