The content looks good so far, and we're doing a pretty good job, we just have to keep it up. However, there are a few things on this Wiki that have been left untouched, and it would be really great if someone could help out with it. I have one or two admin positions left and I will give them to anyone who edits regularly and can help with one or more:

  • The first thing we REALLY need is a new background for the wiki. Right now it looks a pretty plain and I'd like to give it more personality and maybe even a little more colorful which can be easily done with the series that is Rhythm Heaven. If you're interested in making this, the recommended width dimension is 1600, it must not go past 150 kilobytes and it can be a .jpg, .png or .gif (I'd rather it not be .gif).
  • A Wiki Policy. Thats right, we need a bit of instructed guidelines so we're all on the same page. We don't really need many rules, just the basics (vandalism, no fan art, no tips/game help, etc.) in order to work around the typical Wiki policy to suit OUR wiki's needs. If anyone would like to help me with this that would also be great, we're going to put it all down here.
  • Templates. I've already made one for the games, but we still need a character template, and maybe some for articles that need to be improved or already look complete. I could use some help with that too.

So... thats it for now ^^ keep editing.

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