Ah, Tap Trial. One of my favorite Rhythm Tengoku games. But why not making a review of it? Let's get into it. So, Tap Trial is a game where you play as a girl with a red dress and you need to follow the 2 monkey's tapping. Also, not only you tap in the rhythm, the giraffe on left cheers you. If you tap correctly, the giraffe will be happy. But if you miss some taps, he will be sad. Well, back to the controls. Simple, you need to press A in the rhythm. And talking about rhythm, you need not only to do single taps, but yes 2 taps and even 3 taps. Oh, and don't forget to tap while landing in the jump. But this game came back in Rhythm Heaven Fever and Rhythm Heaven Megamix, with no changes :(. Anyway, thanks for reading this and wait for the next review blog post. Bye.

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