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  • I live in I had to deal with a 4 month ban.
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    The arcade game's multiplayer mode plays similar to Rhythm Heaven Fever's multiplayer mode. There are 24 games in multiplayer mode, with 4 games each in 6 stages. (This blog post is a work in progress)

    • Split-Screen: Players play at the same time. The screens are split for each player. Four games have this type.
    • Single-Screen: Players play at the same time. The screens are not split for each player. Sometimes the game is modified to fit more players. Five games have this type.
    • Turns: Players take turns playing the game. Japanese text saying appears when you are able to play. Three games have this type.

    • Same types apply to sequels and the Extra stage.

    Karate Man: Split-Screen

    Rhythm Tweezers: Turns

    Marching Orders: Single-Screen

    Spaceball: Split-Sc…

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