Please read this whole thing wikiamem before deleting it as you did with all my hard work on the wikia, as if it were trash that does not deserve to be written.

10 minutes ago, something great existed here on this blog. A free-spirited review about Rhythm Heaven Megamix that was made without worrying about what others may think of the game. It was one of the few of its kind- a negative review of an overall well-loved game. I put in so much effort. My post was disturbing no one, because it was on my own profile, where I thought I would be safe from his wrath. But I couldn't stop him, he returned to ruin my greatest works once again. Wikiamem. Everyone will probably take his side, and he will delete this before it is read by people who will be inspired. But, if this page somehow survives long enough for you to be reading this, please join me and save the wikia from this bully. He is destroying my works of art, burning them in the inferno of deletion. He is ruthless at stopping my efforts to bring joy to the world. And Wikiamem, if you have actually read this far, thanks for taking the time to do so. I think that opinions should be allowed on blogs, and hard work on explaining such opinions should not go to waste. Please, if you haven't already deleted this post as well, let it stay. And let anyone's opinions stay if they confine it to their own page where it won't mislead anybody. This is my request. thx m8

Update: I believe my original page is back. If you added it, thanks

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