I have beaten megamix by the way

I think that rhythm heaven megamix is the WORST game in the series. i mean come on dude srsly like more than 3 4ths of the game is just copied straight from the other games ! i dont believe  this

Also, all the games before Lush Tower are way too easy. Lush tower is about halfway through, and only then does it get to the difficulty level of the BEGINNING of the other 3 games!! this is completely ridiculous! how could u do dis guys i mean come on nintendo STOP NERFING UR GAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For example, you put The Clappy Trio in the game as about the 20th rhythm game. On rhythm tengoku, the clappy trio is like the FOURTH ONE. but that isnt why its bad. It is because on megamix, where you have to progres much farther to get to the clappy trio, IT IS NERFED BEYOND THE POINT OF RECOGNITION. How can this be! it was easy anyway! you thought the FOURTH GAME IN THE WHOLE SERIES was to  hard for the 20TH one in megamix so you made it EVEN EASIER! i cant get over this >.< and if you want to play the original, you half to go all the way to the middle of the game and its now a SEQUEL!!!!!! this brings me to m,y next point....

Since they made the original games easier, what do they call the originals in megamix? SEQUELSPFPRRPKPFTHB i honestly dont know wat to say bout this :( Now its so confusing sice those games had sequels, but now they're the sequels, so the original sequels are the third game ("threequel" is a ridiculous term that I refuse to use)! So if you say "Figure fighter two", you could be talking about the second on in megamix, which is also Figure fighter 1 in fever, or you could be talking about the original sequel, that is now known in megamix as "FIGURE FIGHTER THREE"!!!!!!! Because of this confusion on nearly all the games, I have been unable to successfully converse with any of my friends for YEARS!!! yeah thts right, Mega mix has RUINED ,MY LIFE!!!!!! please dont make the pain any worse nintendo.

Thank you for reading this review. I hope I have inspired you not to by megamix, or if you already have it, to burn it or somthing. And if ur just skipping to the end cuz you dont have time to read the whole thing, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THIS POINTLESS REVIEW?! hope you read the whole thing if you had the time. ill be back m8s

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