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aka ElectroSparx

  • I live in An endless black hole where I play all the banned Rhythm Heaven games
  • I was born on April 3
  • My occupation is taking over wikias
  • I am Male
  • GB Guy

    wikiamem must be stopped

    January 21, 2017 by GB Guy

    Please read this whole thing wikiamem before deleting it as you did with all my hard work on the wikia, as if it were trash that does not deserve to be written.

    10 minutes ago, something great existed here on this blog. A free-spirited review about Rhythm Heaven Megamix that was made without worrying about what others may think of the game. It was one of the few of its kind- a negative review of an overall well-loved game. I put in so much effort. My post was disturbing no one, because it was on my own profile, where I thought I would be safe from his wrath. But I couldn't stop him, he returned to ruin my greatest works once again. Wikiamem. Everyone will probably take his side, and he will delete this before it is read by people who will b…

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  • GB Guy

    My thoughts on Megamix

    January 21, 2017 by GB Guy

    I have beaten megamix by the way

    I think that rhythm heaven megamix is the WORST game in the series. i mean come on dude srsly like more than 3 4ths of the game is just copied straight from the other games ! i dont believe  this

    Also, all the games before Lush Tower are way too easy. Lush tower is about halfway through, and only then does it get to the difficulty level of the BEGINNING of the other 3 games!! this is completely ridiculous! how could u do dis guys i mean come on nintendo STOP NERFING UR GAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For example, you put The Clappy Trio in the game as about the 20th rhythm game. On rhythm tengoku, the clappy trio is like the FOURTH ONE. but that isnt why its bad. It is because on megamix, where you have to progres much fa…

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