Uh... these guys?
コンコンズ Konkonzu
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Gender Males
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever

Uh... these guys? (The Donkers in the European version) They appear in the minigame Donk-Donk in Rhythm Heaven Fever.

Physical Appearance

These Guys have one of the more stranger designs in the Rhythm Heaven franchise. They're generally percieved as forks or magnets with white hands and skinny white bodies. They're heads are gray and they have large white eyes and U-shaped legs.

They rest atop a red and white rocket with a green alien underneath. The alien has two eyes that are very close together, a frown, and four tentacles.


These Guys are led by the small, green alien on the underside of the rocket. By hitting each other, they 'do that thing' they have to do in Rhythm Heaven. An unknown gas appears to come out of the back of the rocket upon doing this. This is all we know about the story of These Guys, as there is no perfect reward explaining the context or background of the game.


Generally considered to have one of the stranger rhythms in the franchise, Donk-Donk and These Guys teach the player about triplets, a rather untouched rhythm in Rhythm Heaven Fever.


In Other Languages

Language Name
FR French Les Donk-Donk
ES Spanish Toc-tocs