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"Tram and Pauline are acrobatic foxes! Quick, their show is about to start!"
— Tram & Pauline Description

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Tram & Pauline
トランとポリン Toran to Porin
BPM 150
Appearance Rhythm Tengoku
Game Number 16
Perfect Reward Marcher's Diary

Tram & Pauline (トランとポリン Toran to Porin?) is the 16th rhythm game in Rhythm Tengoku. Two performers, Tram (the boy) and Pauline (the girl), are performing a magic transformation act while they jump on trampolines.



In this rhythm game, the player controls both Tram and Pauline's transformations. While Tram and Pauline bounce on their trampolines, they will crouch down for a high jump at certain points. The player must press the corresponding button at the very peak of this jump to transform them successfully. The player will transform the pair alternately or at the same time.


  • D-Pad: Transform Tram
  • A button: Transform Pauline

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The character successfully transforms and the performance continues.
  • Barely: The character will only partially transform, frowning. It will have a human figure with a fox muzzle, fox ears, and a short tail. A barely counts as a miss, However it may result as an OK.
  • Miss: The character will not transform at all.

Rating Notes


  • "Ring Leader's Manifesto"

Try Again

  • "Please stop fooling around, Tram."
  • "You kept missing your cues, Pauline."
  • "You need to slow down and concentrate."


  • "Yeah..."
  • "Eh. Good enough."
  • "For now, that'll do..."
  • "You barely made it."


  • "You were looking stylish, Tram!"
  • "You were as graceful as ever, Pauline!"
  • "What an amazing acrobatic feat that was!"


Remix Appearances


Tram & Pauline (Title GBA)

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