Toss Boys
トスボーイズ Tosu Boizu
Toss boys 1
Artwork from Rhythm Tengoku
Gender 2 males;

1 female

Appearances Rhythm Tengoku

The Toss Boys are a trio of 2 boys (Ao-kun, Kii-yan) and 1 girl (Aka-chan). They play toss with a beachball on platforms in the mini-game Toss Boys from Rhythm Tengoku. Their names are Aka-chan (female, red hair and has a tank top with the letter A on it), Ao-kun (male, blue hair and has a tank top with the letter B on it), and Kii-yan (male, yellow hair and has a tank top with the D-Pad on it).

All 3 of them to be described as close friends, as said so in the description of their game. They also are very passionate/determined about being good at tossing, saying "we're good, but we can get better!"



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