The Rhythm League is an organization in the Rhythm Heaven series. Not much is known about them, except they seem to rate your performance in the various Remixes throughout the series. The known members are characters from the various Rhythm Games, though it's implied there are many more that aren't known about.


While there aren't too many verified members of the Rhythm League, there are occasionally hints of characters who are within it throughout the series.

Space Gramps

Space Uncle

Space Gramps

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Space Gramps is the leader of the Space Dancers, and directs the Tall Tappers as well. He is the chairman of the Rhythm League, and presumably the leader of it as well. It's possible he may be the founder of it as well, though this is uncertain.

Captain Blue Bird

BB captain

Captain B.B.

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Captain Blue Bird is the Rhythm League advisor. Not much is known about their job at the Rhythm League, but he writes a letter to the player, congratulating them for perfecting Remix 10.


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