T.J. Snapper's girlfriend
??? ???
T J'S girlfriend 1
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven
Gender Female
Appearances Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

T.J Snapper's girlfriend is a girl from Freeze Frame in Rhythm Heaven.

Physical Appearance

T.J's girlfriend is a tall, long orange hair and way white shirt and shorts with red spots girl who at one point in the rhythm game, comes and walks in the way of T.J Snapper. In "A Confession", it is revealed that the girl is T.J's girlfriend. In the same article it mentions how she aspired to become a model because of T.J's photography skills, but due to her suggestion he photograph at the racetracks T.J began spending all of his time there. Feeling a bit lonely, she goes to the racetrack T.J works at, disguises herself as a pit-crew member and walks out in front of T.J on purpose. She jokes on how she can't wait to see look on T.J's face once he developed the photo.



  • She looks a lot like Mona from the WarioWario series; which is made by the same people who created Rhythm Heaven.


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