Tokimeki no Story is the song in Lush Remix. It was one of the games to not have vocals in the english version.


Tokimeki no sutōrī (It's a story of true love)

Utsukushii sunset (By a beautiful sunset)

Tasogareru watashi wo terasu (My twilight has been illuminated)

Yotto hābā naito (By you on this beautiful night)

Tamerai no shoujo (A girl's hesitation)

Jounetsu no shounen (A boy's passion)

Yume kanau sonohi made wa tatakai tsuzukeru (Until the day all of my dreams come true

I promise you)

Watashi (I will fight)

Naze ka kokochi ii na (I wonder why this feels so amazing)

Name ga kudoite kuru (The beach's waves seem to move to you)

Konya no watashi nanika ga chigau (There's even something different about me tonight)

Dancing ima kono shunkan (Dancing right here in this moment)

Watashi wa muchuu (I know that I love you)

Supotto raito (Under this spotlight)

Abite odoru (I will dance... with you)

Dancing ima shika nai (Dancing with you like a dream)

Kichou na jikan (The precious time we have)

Kakegae nai (It's irreplacable)

Watashi dake no (This is mine, mine alone)

Tokimeki no sutōrī (It's a story of true love)

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