Stomp Farmer
レシーブくん Reshību-kun
Stomp Farmer
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Fever

Stomp Farmer (or Clodhopper Pickens) is a farmer. His job is to stomp the ground to collect beets and be rid of moles in his way. He appears in Crop Stomp in Rhythm Heaven.

Physical Appearance

Stomp Farmer wears orange suspenders, orange pants, an orange hat, and presumably green work equipment, which may be his skin. He is depicted with pink cheeks and closed eyes. He carries a basket on his back which is where he stores his stomped beets.


Not too much is known about the Stomp Farmer personally, although there is information about his job in the "Help Wanted" letter received upon perfecting Crop Stomp.

The job that our Stomp Farmer has doesn't discriminate by age or gender, although it requires you to have good rhythm and good catching skills. You can take off any days you want and have any amount of pay that you would like, although they discourage you from asking for too much. The job is offered by "Stomp and Chomp Agriculture Co." and "Human Resources Dept." 



In Other Languages

Language Name
FR French Le fermier


  • The Rhythm Toys Business Card and Phone as well as one of the character profiles for Remix 8 may indicate that he is in fact the same character as shown on the Business Card. The green "skin" may just be workclothes.
  • Along with many other rhythm game characters, he appears in the audience of Battle of the Bands.

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