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Spaceball Tempo Up!
エアーバッター TEMPO UP! Air Batter Tempo Up!
Air Batter Tempo Up title
BPM 157
Appearance Rhythm Tengoku Arcade
Game Number 52
Perfect Reward None

Spaceball Tempo Up! (エアーバッター TEMPO UP! Tempo Up!?) is identical to Spaceball from Rhythm Tengoku and it's the 4th Extra stage game in Rhythm Tengoku (Arcade). In this variant, the Space Slugger is colored blue and the masks are different -- an orange alien and a guy with a square head.


Air Batter Tempo Up gameplay

The gameplay is the same, but the tempo is sped up, with a more vibrant synth for orchestration.


  • A: Swing bat

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The ball flies offscreen.
  • Barely: A "doink" is heard as the ball bounces out of the room. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The ball falls in the hole in the floor.

Rating Notes


  • "Scorecard"

Try Again

  • "Maybe you should try tee ball."
  • "Work on those rests."
  • "You're a mess once we zoom in or out."


  • "Yeah..."
  • "Eh. Good enough."
  • "For now, that'll do..."
  • "You barely made it."


  • "You wait patiently for the perfect moment!"
  • "You can do it even when you can't see!"



Rhythm Tengoku Arcade- Air Batter (Spaceball) Tempo Up! (Perfect)01:14

Rhythm Tengoku Arcade- Air Batter (Spaceball) Tempo Up! (Perfect)



Air Batter Tempo Up Mask1Air Batter Tempo Up Mask2

The blue mask's face bears a resemblance to that of the Student from DJ School.

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