Skill Star
Skill Stars are in-game collectables that can be available from getting perfect timing on crucial moments in rhythm games in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. In order to get a Skill Star, you will see it upcoming, and collect it with the right timing to see how is your flow good enough to skill the rhythm, and it will give you more Rhythm Coins for that. Some Endless Games don't have any Skill Stars because they are not rhythm games to skill your good flow for good timing. Quiz Show is the only one that does not guarantee a Skill Star for getting perfect timing, but only rewards you one once you copy everything like the host did.

In all, there are a total of 104 Skill Star to collect, except to Endless games which do not have any of them. This is also the case when the player is going for a Perfect.

Honeybee Land

Karate Man: Hit the Soccer Ball perfectly to get it.

Fillbots: Release The A button on the first ROBO L to get it.

Air Rally: When next to the birds and Forthington gives the signal, hit the shuttlecock at the right moment to collect the star

Catchy Tune: When there are two pineapples coming on both staircases,catch both of them at the same time and have one of them be a ace to get it.

Machine Land

Rhythm Tweezers: Pluck the last hair perfectly on the 6th Onion.

Glee Club: Stop singing at the right time during the double part.

Figure Fighter: Hit the second to last "One Two" Perfectly.

FruIt Basket: Dunk two last lemons perfectly to get it.

Citrus Land

The Clappy Trio: Hit the last Clap at the end of the song perfectly to get it.

Shoot-'em-up: Kill the last alien before the second console to get the skill star.

Micro-Row: Hit the 6th Triple Perfectly.

First Contact: The Second time the alien says only one thing to you, Translate it perfectly to get the skill star

Donut Land

Bunny Hop: Land on the turtle after the second high jump perfectly to get it.

Airboarder: Jump at the blocks during "So let's go!" perfectly to get it.

Exhibition Match: Hit the ball to the screen while the background zooms down perfectly to get it.

Tongue Lashing: Eat the second red bug perfectly to get it.

Barbershop Land

Songbird Land

Lush Tower

Spaceball: N/A

Dog Ninja: Slice a frying pan at the near end of the game perfectly to get it.

Hole in One: N/A

Sumo Brothers: Strike the second pose perfectly to get it.

Lush Remix: During the Sumo Brother section, strike the second pose perfectly to get it.

Honeybee Tower

Karate Man Returns!: Hit the Rock at the end of the game perfectly to get it.

Fillbots 2: Release The A button on the first ROBO L to get it.

Air Rally 2: N/A

Catchy Tune: N/A

Honeybee Remix: N/A

Machine Tower

Citrus Tower

Donut Tower

Rat Race: Press the A button on the second dish without a stoplight to get it.

Fan Club: Release the A button at the second "I suppuse" in the right timing to get it.

Working Dough: Hit the small orb at the near end of the game to get it.

Animal Acrobat: N/A

Donut Remix: In the Rat Race section, release the A button on the second dish to run away perfectly to get it.

Barbershop Tower

Sneaky Spirts 2: N/A

Rhythm Rally 2: N/A Flipper-Flop 2: Hit the sixth flip of the faster triple flip perfectly after doing 8 flipper rolls to get it.

LumBEARjack 2: N/A

Barbershop Remix: N/A

Songbird Tower

Star Land

Ninja Bodyguard: Slice the fourth arrow of 4 arrow shots perfectly to get it.

Freeze Frame: Take a snap of the third racer while there is a crowd around perfectly to get it.

Launch Party: Launch the red Rhythm Rocket while reaching the orbit with dozens stars perfectly to get it.

Pajama Party: Hit the second "ook-ke-ke-and throw-ki!" perfectly to hit it.

Comet Land

Marching Orders: Hit the delayed "halt" command perfectly to get it.

Munchy Monk: Eat the third bite of the second triple bites perfectly to get it.

See-Saw: NA

Blue Bear: NA

Planet Land

Space Dance: Syncronize the Pa-Pa-Pa-Punch cue after Space Gramps' Let's Sit Down perfectly to get it.

Lockstep: Switch back to onbeat at the near end of the game to get it.

Cheer Readers: Perfrom the "Rah-rah-sis-boom-ba-boom: at the near end of the game perfectly to get it.

Kitties!: Aim for the second fish perfectly to get it.

Left-Hand Tower

The Snappy Trio: Hit the last clap of the simultaneous clap at near the end of the game perfectly to get it.

Fan Club 2: Clap the second "Ooooh!" cue during "Then you and I would be together" perfectly to get it.

Figure Fighter 3: N/A

Jungle Gymnast: N/A

Left-Hand Remix: During the Dog Ninja section, slice the second bone perfectly to get it.

Right-Hand Tower

Tibby's Mom

Cosmic Dance: Syncronize the Pa-Pa-Pa-Punch cue after the long silence perfectly to get it.

Cosmic Rhythm Rally: Hit the last eighth ball in the second fast ball serve perfectly to get it.

Working Dough 2: Hit the small orb at the near end of the game during the quiet bit to get it.

Karate Man Senior: N/A

Final Remix: Cut down the peach during the LumBEARJack 2 section perfectly to get it.

Set 1

Bouncy Road: Bounce the medium ball with a red pole perfectly to get it after bouncing off the fast ball.

Night Walk: Hit the 123rd box perfectly to get it.

Quiz Show: To get a Skill Star on this game, follow the host's rhythm exactly, and if you don't copy his rhythm, you will get 80-89% superb level for it without getting a star.

Set 2

The Dazzles: Strike the pose while crouching during "Singing for you!" perfectly to get it.

Big Rock Finish: N/A

Karate Man Kicks!: N/A

Set 3

Set 4

Fork Lifter: Hit the last piece of mini-hamburger perfectly to get it.

Love Rap: Perfect the slowest "Crazy into you" in time to get it.

Bossa Nova: Hit the fourth ball on Bossa's place while reaching the caveman with his child fishing at the rock perfectly to get it.

Set 5

Screwbot Factory: Screw the 5th white Screwbot perfectly to get it.

Board Meeting: Hit the third plan B perfectly to get it.

Samurai Slice: Slice the second horde of green ghosts with your whirlwind slice perfectly to get it.

Set 6

Packing Pests: Catch the bonus at the end of the game perfectly to get it.

Monkey Watch: N/A

Karate Man Combos!: N/A

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