Shoot-'Em-Up Radio Lady
オペレーターの女の子 Operētā no Onna no Ko
Shoot-'Em-Up Lady Radio 3DS
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Female
Appearances Rhythm Heaven,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Shoot-'Em-Up Radio Lady is a character who appears in the minigame Shoot-'Em-Up in Rhythm Heaven and Rhythm Heaven Megamix. She appears every so often to warn and encourage the player, the Blastronaut, during their missions.

Physical Appearance

In Heaven, she is a young girl with light brown hair, orange glasses, a dark-blue bandanna, a blue dress and a gray-orange pair of headphones. She has big, brown, eyes and long blue boots.

In Megamix, the Lady has different appearance; She has blonde hair, a similarly colored turtleneck dress, and cyan boots. Her headphones are gold-yellow, black, & grey. Her eyes have Skintone Sclerae, like that same game's version of Pop Singer & The Dazzles.


She appears during intervals in the minigame Shoot-'Em-Up. During these, she warns the Blastronaut of future waves of enemies and encourages them to keep fighting. She can also be seen at the end of the game congratulating the player, as well as being shown in the rating screens at the end of the game.


Some people often mistake her as the Blastronaut, but she is a completely separate person.

In "Crew's Log", it's shown that she is a dear friend of Blastronaut's, and she waits for the day she'll get to see them again. The Radio Lady's voice is what keeps the Blastronaut who he is; she's a voice of encouragement and hope.



  • This is one of a few characters that gets replaced in its game sequel and never appear again. (Only in Rhythm Heaven)


In Other Languages

Language Name
FR French La désastronaute