"The wandering samurai has wandered farther than ever before,
pursuing the evil spirits. Where is he? (No practice.)
— Samurai Slice 2 Description (US version)

"The lone samurai followed the marauding spirits to
another of their victims. (And no practice for you)
— Samurai Slice 2 Description (European version)

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Samurai Slice 2
悪霊退散2 Akuryou Taisan 2
Samurai Slice 2 title
BPM 141
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Fever
Game Number 36
Perfect Reward Picky Eaters' Song (Reading material)
Song Used

Samurai Slice 2 (悪霊退散2 Akuryou Taisan 2?, "Dispelling Evil Spirits 2") is the 36th minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever. This game is the sequel to Samurai Slice. In this sequel, the Wandering Samurai went on a journey to the city where the evil dark creatures steal businessman's bunny a gift for his daughter, his mission is to defeat those creatures and bring the bunny to the businessman.


Samurai Slice 2 Gamaplay

This game works very similar to the first game, only more complicated. The player must slice a group of demons, or evil spirits, as they spawn from a dark portal before they attack the city. Dark demons will appear and the player must slice them with the sword at the correct time to vanquish them, by pressing A. Occasionally, a vortex of demons will swarm at once and the player has to perform a whirlwind slice, by pressing A and B at the same time, which will make the samurai thrash his sword rapidly. At time during the game, the screen will be covered by screens of "the story so far". As well as a "The End" screen at the end, making it more difficult to slice the demons, making the player rely on the audio. In the background, a "LIVE MUSIC" sign will flash in time with the hits. The tempo is also faster than the original.


  • A: Slice sword
  • A+B: Whirlwind slice

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The samurai slices the evil spirit in two. The group of spirits are easily cut up by his whirlwind slice.
  • Barely: The samurai's blade grazes the evil spirit and it flies away. A barely counts as a miss. When facing a horde of spirits, the samurai cuts them up as normal though this will count as a miss if the initial hit was a barely.
  • Miss: The spirit attacks the samurai with a bite. If pressed too early, the samurai will simply miss.

Rating Notes

American Version


  • "Bunny Man's Gratitude"

Try Again

  • "Your sword technique seemed lacking."
  • "You had trouble when they ganged up on you."


  • "Eh. Good enough."


  • "You sliced a LOT of monsters!"
  • "Your sword moved so fast!"
  • "You got the bunny back!"

European Version


  • "The businessman says..."

Try Again

  • "You should learn the basics first."
  • "Your whirlwind slice needs work."


  • "Eh. Good enough."


  • "You handled your sword so well."
  • "Your whirlwind slice was impressive."
  • "You got the bunny back!"




  • The samurai's appearance is changed in the Korean version as he has a hat with two thunders, red and brown clothes, blue longer pants and grown a mustache and beard.
  • Like Packing Pests, if you fail the last dark creature who holds a bunny, you can't get a superb, and you'll get OK rating instead.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 悪霊退散2 Dispelling Evil Spirits 2
FR French Rythme tranchant 2
ES Spanish El samurái rebanador 2
D German Iai! Samurai 2
IT Italian Spirito samurai 2
Flag of South Korea Korean 악령퇴치2 Evil Spirit Eradication 2

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