Rhythm Rockers
ロケットゼロ Roketto Zero
Rocket Zero 2
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Gender Genderless
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever,
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

The Rhythm Rockets are mini rockets that appeared in the minigame Launch Party in Rhythm Heaven Fever.


There are four models of the rockets presented in Launch Party. There are used for the special missions to launch them all and reach the outer space which their goal is to make contact with an alien life-form being.

Rhythm Rocket #1 Family Model

Rhythm Rocket 1

This cheerful red-and white rocket is well balanced and suited to sorts of uses. Counts down from 3, at the rate of one number per beat.

Rhythm Rocket #2 Party Cracker Model

Rhythm Rocket 2

This one starts the party with a fun sound. It's colored blue-and-white stripes, though. Plus, there's no confetti to clean up! Counts down from 5, at a fast pace.

Rhythm Rocket #3 Bell Model

Rhythm Rocket 3

This lovely white rocket with a green stripe and ball launches with a clear chime. Ideal for wedding and other celebrations! Counts down from 7, at a very fast pace and it's a fastest rocket from all three models.

Rhythm Rocket #4 Bowling Model

Rhythm Rocket 4

For the frustrated bowler in all of us, this exuberant white rocket with gray legs delivers the satisfying sound of a perfect strike! Counts down from 1, at a very slow pace and it's a slowest rocket from all three other rockets.



  • One of the Rhythm Rockets, the Bowling Model, resembles to Orbulon, a character from WarioWare series who was made by the same creators who made Rhythm Heaven series.

In Other Languages

Language Name
FR French Les fusées

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