The Rhythm Heaven series is a franchise of rhythm-based video games produced by Yoshio Sakamoto and Tsunku, published by Nintendo. The series is comprised of the games Rhythm Tengoku on the Game Boy Advance, Rhythm Heaven on Nintendo DS, Rhythm Heaven Fever on the Nintendo Wii, and Rhythm Heaven Megamix on the Nintendo 3DS.

What is Rhythm Heaven?

Rhythm Heaven is a series of music (rhythm based) video games that have been developed by Nintendo SPD 1 and published by Nintendo. Each game in the series is known well for its very simple style of gameplay.


The controls of each game vary depending on the console it was released on. Rhythm Tengoku, for example, used only the A and B buttons the majority of the time. Rhythm Heaven released for the Nintendo DS, however, only uses the touch screen and R/L Button (Rockers 2 and Guitar Lessons). Rhythm Heaven Fever for Nintendo Wii uses the A and B buttons, but the + Control Pad or pointer are used for menu navigation. Rhythm Heaven Megamix uses both buttons and touch screen unlike it's DS counterpart. It is also played from the top screen.