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Rhythm Coins are in-game collectables that can be available from clearing rhythm games in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. They are very valuable in-game, they can be keeped on Tibby's head as a piggybank. You will be rewarded just one coin if you get a Try Again in Rhythm Games, or two coins for OK, three coins for Superb and 4 by getting 90 or higher (From towers after Lush Tower) (This goes to 6 on Heaven World). Getting no miss (2 Rhythm Coins and 3 on Heaven World ) and a Skill Star (1 Rhythm Coin) on minigames will reward more coins. These coins can be spent at the shop where Saffron works here to buy some Rhythm Items or music for Rhythm Games. They can also be used to pay the endless game difficulty of the Gatekeeper Trio. Also, spending 5 coins in the Challenge Train is useful if you want to get more money after you clear them all again, You can use them as a turnip to feed a goat in Feed Goat instead of picking some turnips. The amount of rhythm coins in this game goes to 9999.

List of Rhythm Items that can be bought

List of music that can be bought

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