"Let's mix things up! This one will take you to outer space! (No practice.)"
— Remix 7 Description (US version)

"It's time to mix things up! This one's got a spacey feel to it. (And no practice for you)"
— Remix 7 Description (European version)

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Rhythm Heaven Fever

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Lyrics (Remix 7)

Remix 7 is the thirty-fifth game in Rhythm Heaven Fever. This remix has a spacial theme to it. Attaining a perfect gets the lyrics to the song. This is also the last song before the sequels begin.

List of Games

Cheer Readers Karate Man Shrimp Shuffle Tap Troupe
Cheer Readers Remix 7 Karate Man Remix 7 Shrimp Shuffle Remix 7 Tap Troupe Remix 7

Rating Notes

American Version


  • "Rhythm League Notes"

Try Again

  • "That...could have been better."


  • "Eh. Good enough."


  • "That was great! Really great!"

European Version


  • "Rhythm League Notes"

Try Again

  • "Keep working on your rhythm!"


  • "Good try."


  • "You had really great rhythm!"



  • The first "OK, it's on!" from Cheer Readers at the beginning of the song is the only time in all of its appearances that a cheer is at a different speed. Every other time, each cheer is done at the same pace.
  • The TV Karate Joe is watching during the final time you see him in this game is displaying the original Karate Man game from Rhythm Tengoku.
  • The game's rating screens are all based off of rating screens from Rhythm Heaven's Remix 10. This also includes the appearance of Rhythm Heaven as a place.
  • The game is the last game before the sequels begin, and has a space theme. This may be refrencing Remix 6 of Rhythm Heaven, which also was the last game before the sequels, and has a space theme.
  • Space Gramps from Space Dance, Play-Yan from Night Walk, and a Frogette from Frog Hop made cameo appearances during the Cheer Readers section, when the girls are spinning their books and then open them up.
  • Some people confused the Frogette from Rhythm Heaven's Frog Hop for Yoshi from the Super Mario franchise. This is mainly because you can't see his mouth.

Gameplay Video

Rhythm Heaven Fever ~ Remix 7 (Perfect)02:16

Rhythm Heaven Fever ~ Remix 7 (Perfect)

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