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"We edited together some footage from "Rhythm Heaven" for our music video! (NP)"
— Remix 5 Description

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Tap Trial
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The Snappy Trio

Remix 5
Remix 5

Rhythm Tengoku

Game Number



WISH - I Can't Wait for You song

Song Used

WISH 君を待てなくて
"WISH - Kimi o Matenakute"

Present Games

Bouncy Road
Ninja Bodyguard
Toss Boys
Tap Trial

Remix 5 is the 30th rhythm game in Rhythm Tengoku and the fifth remix. The song played is WISH - I Can't Wait for You.

List Of Games

Bouncy Road Tap Trial Toss Boys Ninja Bodyguard Fireworks
Bouncy Road Arcade Remix 5 Tap Trial Arcade Remix 5 Toss Boss Arcade Remix 5 Ninja Reincarnate Arcade Firewqrks Arcade Remix 5

Rating Notes


  • "Rhythm League Notes"

Try Again

  • "That...could have been better."


  • "Yeah..."
  • "Eh. Good enough."
  • "For now, that'll do..."
  • "You barely made it."


  • "That was great! Really great!"



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