"Let's mix things up! This one's got a traditional Japanese feel. (No practice.)"
— Remix 4 Description (US version)

"It's time to mix things up! This one's got an oriental vibe to it. (And no practice for you)"
— Remix 4 Description (European version)

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Rhythm Heaven Fever

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Remix 4 soundtrack

Remix 4 is the twentieth game in Rhythm Heaven Fever and the fourth remix. This remix has a traditional Japanese theme.

List of Games

Samurai Slice Ringside Micro-Row Packing Pests
Samurai Slice Remix 4 Ringside Remix 4 Micro-Row Remix 4 Packing Pests Remix 4

Rating Notes

American Version


  • "Rhythm League Notes"

Try Again

  • "That...could have been better."


  • "Eh. Good enough."


  • "That was great! Really great!"

European Version


  • "Rhythm League Notes"

Try Again

  • "Keep working on your rhythm!"


  • "Good try."


  • "You had really great rhythm!"



  • The game's rating screens are based off of the rating screens from Rhythm Heaven's Remix 8.
  • The guard from the Try Again rating screen was changed in the Korean version, he wears black and white clothes, a black hat and holds a baton instead of a jitte.
Korean Elsewhere
Remix 4 Wii Korean Try Again Remix 4 Wii Normal Try Again

Gameplay Video

Rhythm Heaven Fever Remix 4 (Japanese Gameplay)02:27

Rhythm Heaven Fever Remix 4 (Japanese Gameplay)

Rhythm Heaven Fever ~ Remix 4 (Perfect)02:22

Rhythm Heaven Fever ~ Remix 4 (Perfect)

English gameplay of Remix 4

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