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"Want to test your merit? Your skill so far speaks for itself, you know! (NP)"
— Remix 1 Description

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The Clappy Trio 2
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Sneaky Spirits 2

Remix 1 Card
Remix 1

Rhythm Tengoku

Game Number



Sound Effects Drum

Present Games

Karate Man
Rhythm Tweezers
Marching Orders
The Clappy Trio

Remix 1 is the 6th rhythm game in Rhythm Tengoku and the first remix. Completing it successfully unlocks Drumming Lessons, Endless Games, Rhythm Toys, and the Café afterwards. Getting a perfect on this remix earns a gift "Sound Effects Drum" which can be used in the studio.

List of Games

Marching Orders Karate Man The Clappy Trio Rhythm Tweezers Spaceball The Clappy Trio
Marching Orders Arcade Karate Man Arcade The Clappy Trio Arcade Remix 1 Rhythm Tweezers Arcade Remix 1 Spaceball Arcade The Clappy Trio Arcade

Rating Notes


  • "Rhythm League Notes"

Try Again

  • "That...could have been better."


  • "Yeah..."
  • "Eh. Good enough."
  • "For now, that'll do..."
  • "You barely made it."


  • "That was great! Really great!"


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