Research Scientists of Love Lab
恋の研究員たち Koi no Kenkyū'in-tachi
Love Lab Scientists
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven
Gender One male, One female, One male (confirmed in Lab Journal)
Appearances Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven Fever

Love Lab Reseachers

The Research Scientists of Love Lab are researchers who appear in Love Lab in Rhythm Heaven. In their lab, they try to learn more about the mysterious concept of love.

Physical Appearances

The Research Scientists of Love Lab are a group of three scientists. Two of them are males, and one is a female.

The first member has brown hair and a white lab coat. He has blue glasses, white pants, and brown shoes. In the game, he is the first one to grab the potion.

The second member is a shorter, green haired girl controlled by the player. She is usually depicted with rosy pink cheeks. She wears a green lab coat and black boots. She is the second person to grab the potion in game.

The final member always wears an animal costume. Nothing is known about his appearance under the costume. His costume is a brown chipmunk-like creature. He has two yellow stripes going down the top of his head and two bear-like ears. He wears a white lab coat with yellow buttons, white pants, and brown shoes. In the game, he is the third and final person to grab the potion.


Upon perfecting Love Lab, you receive the "Lab Journal" letter. This letter describes the backstory of the Love Lab.

On October 1st of an unknown year, the green hair girl gets a job working in the lab. She is very excited, as shown by the repeated use of exclamation points. She is glad to be working on such an important job.

On October 2nd of the same year, it's revealed that the scientists had a very uneventful, boring first day. The only good part of the day was the senior, male love researcher. It's revealed that the girl has a crush on the boy because "he is her type".

The next day, October 3rd, it's shown that the girl's love of her senior lab partner is distracting her. She finally notices her other partner is always dressed in an animal costume. She states that she isn't creeped out by it, but more weirded out instead.

The next journal entry takes place four days later on October 7th. The costume guy is revealed to be a male. He asks the girl to help him with an experiment the next day, and although she is still weirded out by his costume, she reluctantly accepts.

In her final entry on October 8th, they go to a special lab to work. It's revealed her senior lab partner was there too! She still doesn't know what they're going to work on, but she knows everything is going to be fine. It's implied this is where the actual game Love Lab takes place.


In Other Languages

Language Name
FR French L'équipe des chercheurs de l'amour