"(You are a mouse. Aim for your beloved cheese. Stop & Go!!)
— Rat Race Description (Rhythm Tengoku)

"You are a rat. She is a cat.
You love cheese. We have all the
ingredients of a tense encounter.
— Rat Race Description (Rhythm Heaven Megamix)

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Rat Race
こっそりラット Kossori Ratto

Cheesey Heist

Cheese Heist title 3DS

BPM 150
Appearance Rhythm Tengoku
Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game Number 9 (Tengoku)
48 (Megamix)
Perfect Reward Tap Drum (Tengoku)
1 Flow Ball (Megamix)

Rat Race (こっそりラット Kossori Ratto?) is the 9th game in Rhythm Tengoku and the 48th game in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It's about three rats trying to find cheese while running and hiding from Ms. Whiskers.


Stealthy Rat
Cheese Heist gameplay 3DS

The three rats will be running across a very, very long kitchen table. In practice, they will give you signals when you stop behind a stack of plates, but in the real game, there are no signals (in the Megamix version, there are signals in the real game, but the brown rat will throw the stoplight away in the middle of the game). It's appearances in remixes have signals in them. There is a cat trying to catch you, and when the cat pops up, you hold A to stop behind a plate. The music will go quiet for a few seconds, and you will hear the music building up, and the rats are in a position that they're about to run. You let go of A at the right time to get a clean getaway.


Button Mode

  • Hold A: Stop
  • Release A: Go

Simple Tap Mode

  • Tap and Hold: Stop
  • Release Stylus: Go

Timing Notes

  • Hit: Nothing goes wrong and you get away from the cat.
  • Barely: You jump a little when you hide, and when you run, there is a "boing" sound. A barely counts as a hit!
  • Miss: You bump into one of the other two mice. When hiding, the mouse you hit moves out of position, and when running, the mouse you hit does not run momentarily, but catches up fast. If you bump into the mouse behind you too just before the cat looks around, the mouse will try to hide by curling up while sweating.

Rating Notes

Rhythm Tengoku


  • "なかまから ひとこと" (A word from your friends)

Try Again

  • "キレが ないよ。" (There is no sharpness.)
  • "でだしが ぐだぐだ・・・" (The start is off...)
  • "もう! ジャマしないでよ!" (Geez! Don't mess things up!)


  • "う~ん..." (Yeah...)
  • "まぁまぁ、 かな。" (OK, I guess?)
  • "とりあえず..." (Anyway...)
  • "よしと します。" (You did your best.)


  • "きっちり とまってる!" (You stopped at the right time!)
  • "でだしが バッチリ!" (Your starts were right on!)

Rhythm Heaven Megamix


  • "Hushed Whispers"

Try Again

  • "Work on those stops!"
  • "You need to practice your starts."


  • "Eh. Passable."


  • "Your stops were perfect!"
  • "Great starts!"


Rhythm Tengoku

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Rhythm Item


Yellow Means Cheese
This antique traffic signal has been used to train young rats for many generations. They train hard every night, since they know their survival (and cheese consumption) depends on it.

Skill Star

When the brown mouse throws traffic lights near the end telling the other two that they will go upwards without using them, stop at the second stock of plates perfectly to collect the star.


Rat Race 2P

"(You are a mouse. Aim for your beloved cheese. Stop & Go!!)
— Rat Race 2P Description

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Rat Race 2P
カラテ家 2P Karateta 2P
Cheesey Heist
BPM {{{BPM}}}
Appearance Rhythm Tengoku Arcade
Game Number 6
Perfect Reward None

Rat Race also appears in the 2P mode of Rhythm Tengoku (Arcade) where it is referred to as Rat Race 2P (こっそりラット 2P Kossori Ratto 2P?). It plays the same as the 1P version, but there are twice as many rats, with both players controlling the white rats.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese こっそりラット Kossori Rat
FR French Rats cache-cache
ES Spanish Ratas a la carrera
D German Rennratten
IT Italian La corsa dei topi
Flag of South Korea Korean 생쥐 레이스 Mouse Race