"(Master pressing the D-pad and the A button at the same time! It should be pretty easy. I hope...)
— Polyrhythm Description

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ポリリズム Poririzumu
Hilt To Scalllleee
BPM 120 / 140
Appearance Rhythm Tengoku
Game Number 22
Perfect Reward Lyrics (Sweet Angel)

Polyrhythm (ポリリズム Poririzumu?) is the 22nd minigame in Rhythm Tengoku. It features the red small rods called Widgets that roll around and bounce on an assembly line. A sequel appears later on called Polyrhythm 2. Attaining a perfect gets the lyrics: Sweet Angel from Remix 3 for this game that you can read at the E-mail.



This game is structured on a grid with two pathways. Before the player starts, a rhythm is tapped out, using a bass drum to represent the lower path and a snare drum to represent the upper path. After this finishes, a rod will roll out , requiring the player to repeat the given pattern using the D-Pad for the top row and A button for the lower row. After the pattern is repeated, a new one is tapped out. The patterns sometimes vary between paths.


  • D-Pad: Bounce Rod (Upper Area)
  • A: Bounce Rod (Lower Area)

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The rod bounces to the next block.
  • Barely: The rod bounces on. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The rod lands on the ground and explodes.

Rating Notes


  • "工場長から" (From the factory head.)

Try Again

  • "ちゃんと 運んでくれないとダメ。" (You must carry them properly.)
  • "左手が あそんでるヨ。" (Your left hand is playing around.)
  • "応用力を みにつけよう。" (Let's see your applied force.)


  • "う~ん..." (Yeah...)
  • "まぁまぁ、 かな。" (OK, I guess?)
  • "とりあえず..." (Anyway...)
  • "よしと します。" (You did your best.)


  • "左手が しっかり仕事してるネ!" (Your left hand is working reliably!)
  • "リズミカルな 仕事ぶりだ!!" (A rhythmical working manner!)




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