""This "toy" is actually an investigation tool.
When you discover something suspicious, communicate with your informants here.
— Police Call Description

Police Call
Police Call is a Rhythm Toy in Rhythm Heaven Fever unlocked after obtaining 7 medals.


Police Call is a very odd rhythm toy compared to others in the series. There isn't much rhythm involved. You control a hand that presses buttons with its index finger. The phone has 11 buttons, including normal letters, a send button, a backspace button, and an orange arrow button. The background is a solid gray color with a spotlight and the phone screen is green with a battery indicator and what appears to be a service icon with music notes. Note makes a cameo appearance on the phone between the send and "next" buttons.

 As mentioned in the description of the toy, it's actually less of a toy and more of an investigation tool. Entering for the first time isn't different from entering any other time. You get told random dialogue from a brown-haired man in a suit, and then you are taken to the phone. 


The gameplay of Police Call revolves around entering codewords obtained from playing other games to hear secret messages. It's the only game that requires pointing of the Wii remote to use.


These are the codewords that can be inserted into the phone:

BIRDS - This codeword is found in Munchy Monk (Wii) when you reach 100 points. It plays Tambourine and Flock Step sound effects.

SEESAW - This letter can be found in Kung Fu Ball. It plays See-Saw sound effects. See and Saw get faster and faster, before exploding at the end with an actual explosion sound effect. The assistant believes it to be a prank call.

MATCH - This codeword can be found in Mr. Upbeat once you get 130 points. It plays some sound effects from Ringside and Flipper-Flop: the wrestler poses and flexes as Captain Tuck compliments him by saying "Nice!", "Well done!", and "Yes!". He finishes it off with "That's it!" In the Japanese version, it features a rendition of Manzai.

BOUTS - This letter can be found in Wake-Up Caller when the player gets 5 points. It plays Rhythm Fighter music and some sound effects from Shrimp Shuffle, Karate ManAir Rally, Built to Scale, Monkey Watch, and Working Dough.

GOLFHERO - This can be found in Pirate Crew. The game shows a quarter of the word to the 1st voyage to the 4th voyage. It plays Hole in One, Wake-Up Caller, and Samurai Slice sound effects.

STAFF - It's a hidden message, found in the trailer for Rhythm Heaven Fever. It shows the staff of the game.



  • Built to Scale's perfect reward Assembly Slogans gives you more codewords to enter to solve the puzzle. These codewords tell you which game the actual codeword is in. Each codeword references the respective game it's in.
    • In Kung-Fu Ball, you SPIKE the ball.
    • In Wake-Up Caller, the bird's CLOCKWORK alarm is what allows them to wake up.
    • POSITIVE is another word for Upbeat.
    • In Pirate Crew, the boat is AFLOAT.
    • In Munchy Monk, you FEED the Chorus Kid.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese
FR French
ES Spanish
D German Notruf Polizei
IT Italian Chiamata poliziesca
Flag of South Korea Korean

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