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Pirate Crew

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Pirate Crew (Japanese: ボート Boat) is a 2-player Endless Minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever unlocked after obtaining 6 Duo Medals.


The player controls a crew member on a pirate ship to transport pigs to other islands. At the beginning, the captain will yell "Everybody Row!" (Japanese: まっすぐすみMassugusumi!) ordering everybody to row 1 beat to the music. At some point, the captain yells "Everybody Left/Right turn!" (Japanese: 右/左みだれMigi/Hidarimidare!) making everybody rowing 2 beats to the music.


  • AP1: Row (Red pirate)
  • AP2: Row (Blue pirate)


In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese ボート "Boat"
FR French Rameurs
ES Spanish Barco pirata
D German Ruderer an Deck
IT Italian Nave pirata
Flag of South Korea Korean 보트 "Boat"

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