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Night Walk
ナイトウォーク Naito Wooku
Night Walk Wii
BPM 111
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Fever
Game Number Credits
Perfect Reward none.
Song Used Dreams of Our Generation

Night Walk (Japanese: ナイトウォーク Night Walk) is the credits game in Rhythm Heaven Fever. It is unlocked after beating Remix 7. This rhythm game, after beating it, contains the credits and the staff. This game also marks the half-way point before all sequels.


Night Walk Fever

Gameplay of Night Walk

The player has to jump over the square-like objects and race to the end successfully, controlling Marshall as his friends follow him. The player has to press A at the correct time to make Marshal jump. At times, there will be a small inner bump. The player then has to hold A and B and then let go to perform a rolling jump. This repetitive pattern continues until the three reach the Cafe.


  • A: Jump
  • A+B: Rolling jump

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The box underneath Marshal opens and lets out a heart!
  • Barely: Marshal will not jump as high as a Hit. The heart still appears, but does not grow as large. A red "Miss" appears above the box. A barely counts as a miss in this game.
  • Miss: Marshal does not jump if the player does not control on-beat. A small eighth note appears, and Marshal slightly bobs up and down. If this happens while Marshal is on a ledge, Marshal falls, the game ends and the player recieves a Try Again rating.

Rating Notes

Rhythm Heaven Fever


  • "The Stars Say"

Try Again

  • "You fell in a hole."
  • "Your rhythm was off."
  • "You missed quite a few jumps."


  • "Eh. Good enough."


  • "You made it to the end!"
  • "You kept the beat well."
  • "Your jumps were right on the money!"

Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise


  • "The stars say..."

Try Again

  • "You fell down..."
  • "You had trouble with the rhythm."
  • "You missed the mark a few times."


  • "Good try."


  • "You made it to the end!"
  • "You kept the rhythm well."
  • "Your jumps were right on the button."


Rhythm Heaven Fever

Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise



  • Both versions of the game, the other one being from Rhythm Tengoku, stand out as one of the few games in the franchise to have the ability to fail instantly before judging your performance, with Quiz Show being the only other one.
  • The Huebirds of Happiness from Flock Step fly by in a large group later in the game. The Barista also makes an appearance near the end.
  • On the remake, depending on what TV or emulator you have, Cam might be unseeable until the end of the game.
  • Like in Rhythm Heaven for Airboarder, the player can't win a medal or get a perfect in this credits game.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese ナイトウォーク Night Walk
FR French Balade nocturne
ES Spanish Paseo nocturno
D German Nachtwanderung
IT Italian Passeggiata notturna
Flag of South Korea Korean 나이트 워킹 Night Walking

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