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Rhythm Heaven Fever

Game Number

2 (Japanese version); 3 (Other versions)

Cameo Appearances

The Chorus Kid, Research Scientists of Love Lab, Pop Singer, Love Lizards, Tiny Ghosts, Stomp Farmer, Blue Birds and their captain, Frogettes, Synchrettes, Blastronaut, Kung Fu Ball Girl, Huebirds of Happiness

Munchy Monk (しゅうぎょう shugyou "training") is an endless game in Rhythm Heaven Fever, unlocked after receiving 11 medals in the Japanese version and 23 medals in the non-Japanese versions. The player plays as a Training Monk, who is feeding a Chorus Kid some eggs and peas inside the train in order to satisfy his stomach.


The player controls Munchy Monk, who is feeding a Chorus Kid dumplings. You have to press A to blow a dumpling into his mouth after you hear "One egg" and press A+B to blow peas after you hear "Handfull of peas". They peas will vary in amount throughout the game.


  • A: One egg
  • A + B: Handful of peas

Timing Notes

  • Hit: Monk blows the food into the Chorus Kid's mouth, and he eats it, making him happy.
  • Barely: Monk blows the egg or peas too early and it hits the Chorus Kid's face, causing the player to lose one life. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The dumpling or peas that the monk holds will fall, making him, the Kung Fu Girl and the Chorus Kid sad. This will also happen if the monk blows them too late. This will cause the player to lose one life.


  • If the word FEED is put into the Police Call phone, a secret word will be activated for this game (the word is BIRDS which can be seen after getting 130 to 150 points on wooden signs out the train window). The codeword can be put into the phone to unlock a secret call.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese しゅうぎょう "Training"
FR French Altruiste ascète
ES Spanish El Monje tragon
D German Dim Sum Fu
IT Italian Tecniche golose
Flag of South Korea Korean 수행 "Perform"