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"(Mr. Upbeat, nice to meet you.)
— Mr. Upbeat (Rhythm Tengoku)

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Mr. Upbeat GBA


Mr. Upbeat

Rhythm Tengoku
Rhythm Heaven Fever

Game Number

1 (Both)

Mr. Upbeat (ウラおとこ Ura Otoko?, Backwards Boy) is an Endless Game featured in both Rhythm Tengoku, unlocked by obtaining 1 Medal, and the non-Japanese versions of Rhythm Heaven Fever, unlocked with 3 Medals. The player controls a stick figure named Mr. Upbeat, who must constantly step over a metronome needle.


Mr Upbeat

As the game starts, a voice will count off a rhythm for eight beats. After this, a pendulum will begin to swing at the player. To dodge the pendulum, the player need to make Mr. Upbeat "step" as the pendulum nears his feet, which happens on the offbeats. To assist the player, the light on Mr. Upbeat's head will flash on each correct beat. Every 16 successful steps, the pendulum will temporarily stop. During this time, the player will receive one point, and a new tempo will be counted.
In the Rhythm Heaven Fever version, each step gives a point instead of one point each 16 steps. In addition, the tempo change happens every 32 steps rather than every 16.


  • A: Step

Timing Notes

  • Hit: Mr. Upbeat will step over the needle, and play will continue.
  • Barely: N/A
  • Miss: Mr. Upbeat will let out a cry and land on his rear end. One miss ends the game.



  • Mr. Upbeat appears in the American, European and Korean versions of Rhythm Heaven Fever, but it does not appear in the Japanese version. It was added in by the localization team as a substitute for Manzai, which is an endless game based mostly on Manzai culture.
  • Mr. Upbeat is featured in a "Read Something" Gift in Rhythm Heaven Fever. It is the 22nd text gift, entitled "A Musical Term". It is unlocked by perfecting Karate Man 2.
  • In Rhythm Heaven Fever, once the player reaches 130 points (and every so often after that), Mr. Upbeat's light will grow over the next few steps, display a series of letters, and then go back to normal. The letters that pop up spell "MATCH", which can be inserted into the Police Call Rhythm Toy.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese ウラおとこ Backwards Boy
FR French Mr. Contretemps
ES Spanish Don Contratiempo
D German Thaddäus Taktlos
IT Italian Mr. Contrattempo
Flag of South Korea Korean 미스터 엇박 "Mr.Upbeat"

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