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This is a page of all lesser known characters in Rhythm Heaven.


Oddly enough, in the cast credits, the unnamed object from Built to Scale rhythm games appears as a character. It is revealed they are called Widgets.

Chorus Kids

The Conductor

The mysterious Conductor of the Glee Club who never seems to move from their spot - something the Male Rocker makes note of. In the cast credits, the Conductor's face is seen for the first time revealing he looks similar to a member in the Clappy Trio.

In article "Leaders Notes" it further shows that he left the Clappy Trio to teach the Chorus Kids to sing.

Fillbot Robots

The Robots that the player fuels in the Fillbot rhythm games.

In the article "Character Profiles 1", they are sorted into models; ROBO M, ROBO L and ROBO S.

Pop Idol

The singer in the minigame, Fan Club.

Her fans turn out to be monkeys, and the song she sings is, "Thrilling! Is this love?"



The character the player plays as in the Shoot-'Em-Up rhythm games. Though they are unseen, they are credited as a character in the cast credits. Most people often mistake the Shoot-'Em-Up Radio Lady as the one named Blastronaut, but she has her own profile.

In "Crew's Log", It is shown that the Blastronaut has been fighting the alien invaders for a long time and that they have nearly lost view of themselves often. However, it is the Radio Lady's voice reminds them of who they are. The Blastronaut sees her as a dear friend and waits for the day they'll be able to come home to see her again.

Shoot-'Em-Up Radio Lady

SeU Radio lady

The character who appears during intervals in the Shoot-'Em-Up rhytm games, the Radio Lady warns and encourages the Blastronaut in their missions.

SeU Radio lady scared

In "Supporting Cast 1", she is named Shoot-'Em-Up Radio Lady which mentions she is dedicated to her job, so she doesn't have much of a social life.

In "Crew's Log", she is a dear friend of Blastronaut's who waits for the day they'll see her again.



Moai Bird

Güíro Lizards

Stomp Farmer

The main character in the minigame, Crop Stomp.

Stomp Farmer has a pretty unusual way of harvesting, by stomping the ground to shake the beets, then hitting them into his basket on his back. Stomp Farmer does the same procedure with the moles, only they don't go in his basket.

T.J Snapper

A hard core photographer, it is revealed in the article "A Confession" that he got his job on the racetrack from a suggestion by his girlfriend. Being a photograph enthusiast, it is shown he doesn't pay very much attention to his girlfriend.

T.J Snapper's Girlfriend

During Freeze Frame, at one point in the rhythm game, a girl comes and walks in the way of T.J Snapper. In "A Confession", it is revealed that the girl is T.J's girlfriend.

In the same article it mentions how she aspired to become a model because of T.J's photography skills, but due to her suggestion he photograph at the racetracks T.J began spending all of his time there. Feeling a bit lonely, she goes to the racetrack T.J works at, disguises herself as a pit-crew member and walks out in front of T.J on purpose. She jokes on how she can't wait to see look on T.J's face once he developed the photo.

The Dazzles

Munchy Monk

DJ Yellow

Blue DJ

Taiko Rally Squad

The Rally squads of Blue and Red have been rivals in rhythm for what Drummer Duel's description says as "long enough!".

In "Supporting Cast 2", the cheerleaders are credited as the 'Rally Girls' and it is mentioned that the drummers of the squads get really worked up when they see the girls cheer them on.

Researchers of Love Lab

The researchers of Love Lab consisting of the male Senior lab partner, the female Junior lab researcher, and the Mysterious Lab Tech. The female Junior has a crush on her Senior lab partner.

In "Supporting Cast 2", the offscreen researcher is named 'Mysterious Lab Tech', where their gender is unknown. Referring to them as he (or she...?).

However, in "Lab Journal", the Mysterious Lab Tech is revealed to be male, and that his odd appearance is simply a costume.

The Synchrettes

The Tiny Ghosts

Dog Ninja

The Frogettes

Space Kickers


The Rockers

Karate Joe

Main Article: Karate Joe

Karate Joe is one of the very first characters to appear in the Rhythm Heaven series. Not only that, but he is possibly the most recurring character in the Rhythm Heaven franchise.

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