Medals are rewards earned by completing a minigame with a superb ("High Level" in Rhythm Tengoku) or perfect rank, which will also unlock Endless Games and Rhythm Toys. Perfect medals will unlock a minigame's special gift. For example photos we will use each version of Built to Scale.

Rhythm Tengoku

Tengoku Medal

Gold Medal

A medal is displayed on the top-right corner.

Perfect Medal Tengoku

Perfect Medal

Perfect medals are not displayed on the frame but rather shown below the description of the minigame (or to the left of the rank).

Rhythm Heaven

Gold Medal DS

Gold Medal

Unlike Rhythm Tengoku and Rhythm Heaven Fever, a gold frame will appear around the minigame instead of an actual medal.

Perfect Medal

Perfect Medal

Perfect medals in Rhythm Heaven are simply Gold Medals with "PERFECT" displayed on the bottom.

In Rhythm Heaven Fever

Gold Medal Fever

Gold Medal

The gold medal design from Rhythm Tengoku returns with something similar in Rhythm Heaven Fever. It is now located on the top-left of the frame instead.

Perfect Medal Fever

Perfect Medal

The medal will be replaced with a Gold "P" when the minigame is completed with a Perfect rank. The minigame description will still read "Superb," however.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Gold Medal

The location of the golden medal from Rhythm Heaven Fever and the gold frame from Rhythm Heaven come together in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
Gold Medal The Best+

Perfect Medal

The Golden "P" from Rhythm Heaven Fever makes a return, but with the addition of a fancier platinum outline.
Perfect Medal The Best+

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