"(I am a mannequin)
— Mannequin Factory Description

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Mannequin Factory
Mannequin Factory

Rhythm Tengoku

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Mannequin Factory (マネキン工場 Manekin Kōjō?) is an Endless Game in Rhythm Tengoku, unlocked with 30 Medals.


The point of the game is to create mannequins in time to the rhythm. If a head is facing in front, the player must press A to plant a face on the mannequin head. If the head is facing left, the player will have to slap the face to get it to face the correct direction first and then stamp the eyes on the face. Later on, the heads may appear in groups.


  • Left: Turn head right
  • A: Stamp eyes on face

Timing notes

  • Hit: The eyes get stamped onto the mannequin head, pushing it back onto the platform and it's taken away by a crane. When turning it around, the face is properly turned around.
  • Barely: Nothing special happens. A barely counts as a hit.
  • Miss: The mannequin head goes into the "NG" field, making a noise as the music stops. When turning it around, if it's facing the wrong way, it doesn't matter if the player correctly stamps the eyes, as now they are on the wrong side. One miss ends the game.


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