Koi machine
The Love Machine (告白マシーン Hokuhaku Mashin, Confession Machine) is a Rhythm Toy in Rhythm Tengoku unlocked after getting 15 Medals.


The machine is shaped like a giant heart with a character standing on a stage in the center of the heart. The player can press Up, Down, Left, Right and B to choose different phrases. After the player used various phrases, the player can press A to either say "like", "hate" or cough and not say anything.


Up = どうしてから (Why) Left = 私ね (I) Right = キミが (You) Down = (.)

A = スキ (Love) or キライ (Hate) B = でも (But)


  • The character that is standing in the middle of the stage is called Mr. Love (ラブさん) as mentioned on the official game website.
  • The music played in the background is the game select music but slower and calmer.

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