Rhythm Games

  • Hole in One - "You know what will really improve your golf game? Timing your swings to music!"
  • Screwbot Factory - "Robot assembly is a precise task. You'll need to tighten the final screw just the right amount."
  • See-Saw - "The seesaw inspectors are here, doing important work to ensure the safety of our children. Serious business, you know. No shenanigans."
  • Double Date - "It's your first date with the girl of your dreams! Also, some weasels are on a date! Don't let the double date be ruined by flying balls!"
  • Fork Lifter - "Hungry? Hope you have good reflexes!"
  • Tambourine - "Ready to play a little Simian Says on the tambourine?"
  • Board Meeting - "You finally made it to the big office! If you want to impress the chairman, follow your assistant's advice."
  • Monkey Watch - "This new watch works differently from most. You might want to read the manual to learn how to use it..."
  • Working Dough - "Time to get to work! Follow your coworker's lead and move those thingies!"
  • Built to Scale (Wii) - "Your help is needed down at the factory. We're assembling widgets by... You know what? Just try it out."
  • Air Rally - "Keep the rally going in this badminton game! Try not to let the birdie go out of bounds, though..."
  • Figure Fighter - "It's the latest in toy-boxer technology! Try him out in the ring for a few rounds. You'll be the tiny, inflatable champ in no time!"
  • Ringside - "Live from ringside! We hear the champ's innermost thoughts and feelings after the match!"
  • Packing Pests - "Welcome to quality control! Product goes in the box. Anything else--just knock it away. Let's get to work!"
  • Micro-Row - "Through the microscope, there's a whole other world!"
  • Samurai Slice (Wii) - "An army of evil spirits has invaded a peaceful village. Only a lone samurai can stop them. What dastardly deeds are they up to?"
  • Catch of the Day - "It's a perfect day for fishing. The best anglers don't just know about casting and bait--they learn the fish's personalities."
  • Flipper Flop - "We may look like cute, fluffy lumps of joy, but we're a grizzled expedition team! We train hard and always follow our captain's orders!"
  • Exhibition Match - "OK, Mr. Big Batting Hero, time to show off your skills in an exhibition match! Don't let anything get past you!"
  • Flock Step - "It's amazing to see so many birds migrating together. Of course, to avoid stepping on each other's toes, they'll need good rhythm..."
  • Launch Party - "Count down to launch! Or rather, count down to launches. Quite a few of them, in fact."
  • Donk Donk - "This one's hard to explain. Just focus on switching between the two rhythms. You'll get the hang of it."
  • Bossa Nova - "Primitive people played a lot more primitive volleyball than most people realize. Also, their music was pretty sophisticated."
  • Love Rap - "Love! It's the most powerful feeling in the world. And there's no better way to express it than through the ancient art of hip-hop."
  • Tap Troupe - "With taps on their shoes and boxes on their heads, this quartet dreams of stardom. We understand the taps, but the head boxes...?"
  • Shrimp Shuffle - "Shrimp make surprisingly good dancers and will jump at the chance to show off their skills. Try not to bump into anyone."
  • Cheer Readers - "You know who doesn't get enough support? People studying at the library. Let's cheer these dedicated students on!"
  • Karate Man (Wii) - "This is karate training at its most intense! Punch the flying objects, and go crazy when a whole mess of them come at you!"
  • Night Walk (Credits)



Endless Games

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