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Rhythm Games

  • Built to Scale - "Feel the rhythm of the factory line as you build...stuff. It's hard to explain, so just try playing it."
  • Glee Club - "Join the trio of chorus singers. Your'e the third so you just have too keep up with the others!"
  • Fillbots -"This factory builds robots. (What did you expect?) It's your job to fuel 'em up once they're built."
  • Fan Club -"Pop stars can't make it on their own. They need the help of fans like you to get the audience worked up! Keep time with your friends!"
  • Rhythm Rally - "Return the ball to the beat! The trick is knowing how quickly the ball is coming at you. Good luck!"
  • Shoot-'Em-Up - "Invasion alert! Invasion alert! Scramble fighters, STAT! Or...practice first, and then scramble. Whatever works for you."
  • Blue Birds - "The captain might seem a little intense. He'll get mad if you mess up, but just let roll off you like water off a duck's back."
  • Moai Doo-Wop - "Little known fact: when no one's watching, moai love to sing. Repeating the first one's phrasing takes a light touch and good timing."
  • Love Lizards - "When two lizards meet in the desert, they communicate their feelings the only way they know how!"
  • Crop Stomp - "It's harvest time! It may seem like a weird way to pluck beets, but it works. Oh, watch out for moles!"
  • Freeze Frame - "Capture the excitement of car racing on film! There's a fortune to be made on the racing circuit!"
  • The Dazzles -"Snappy starlets the Dazzles need a new member for their TV show, Prove you've got what it takes with a dazzling audition!"
  • Munchy Monk - "Your training takes place deep in the mountains. We call it monk training, but it's really just eating dumplings all day. Enjoy!"
  • DJ School - "Pick up some tips from DJ Yellow, and see if you can learn his patented move. Scratch - o, hey!"
  • Drummer Duel - "The red team's pushed you around long enough! It's time to show them who's really got rhythm! Go, blue!"
  • Love Lab - "The research scientists of Love Lab intend to get to the bottom of this whole "love" thing. Just make sure there aren't any accidents!"
  • Splashdown - "There's no I in synchronized swimming, so get out there and... What? There is? Well, get out there anyway, and show 'em your stuff!"
  • Big Rock Finish - "These ghosts are rocking out at a late-night show. Bedtime's coming, though, so they have to keep the songs on the short side."
  • Dog Ninja - "Ninjas rock. They can cut through, like, anything. Also? This ninja's a dog."
  • Frog Hop - "These frogs really tear up the stage, but what really sells it are the backup dancers! Dance away, and set that stage on fire!"
  • Space Soccer - "Don't drop the ball! It takes some crafty legwork to keep that thing in the air! Kick, kick, kick!"
  • Lockstep - "This one's all about hitting the beat, flipping it, and nailing the backbeat. Experience both sides of the rhythm!"
  • Rockers - "Nothing says 'rock' like dueling guitars. Take on the master and see if you've got the chops to stand in the spotlight!"
  • Karate Man - "Who knew karate train could be so brutal? A punch will take care of most things, but those bombs call for a solid kick!"
  • Airboarder (Credits)


  • Built to Scale 2 - "Whatever these things are, people want 'em! We need to up our production!"
  • The Dazzles 2 - "Ah, the Dazzles... they're back!"
  • Frog Hop 2 - "Today we're going instrumental! The sax will carry the vocal line."
  • Fan Club 2 - "Looks like the pop idol's career has finally taken off, and the super-fans couldn't be happier!"
  • Rhythm Rally 2 - "This is the high-speed rally, not for the faint of heart. If you want to win, you'll have to master the high speed rally!"
  • Fillbots 2 - "Robot orders are through the roof! I hope you don't mind pulling some overtime..."
  • Blue Birds 2 - "How can the captain be so foul-tempered with such an upbeat song? Stay focused!"
  • Lockstep 2 -"This time the rhythm has some bounce to it. Experience the bounciness!"
  • Moai Doo-Wop 2 - "Moai sure do like to talk a lot. Try to keep at it until the end of the conversation."
  • Karate Man 2 - "Time for some more training. 'He tries to hide it, but he's proud of himself."
  • Glee Club 2 - "Looks like the chorus kids have taken their show on the road... or, rather, to the beach. Enjoy the sunset!"
  • Space Soccer 2 - "After a quick change of music and wardrobe, knee-ball guy is back!"
  • Shoot-'Em-Up 2 - "Attack! Again! Scramble fighters! Again! Defend the homeworld!"
  • Splashdown 2 -"Synchronized swimming is back to make an even bigger splash!"
  • Munchy Monk 2 - "Turns out eating dumplings is terrible practice for being a monk. But it's great for joining the circus!
  • Rockers 2 - "The guitar work gets technical here, but if you can do it, you'll pull off just how cool you'll look!"


​Present Games: Glee Club, Built To Scale, Fan Club, Fillbots

Present Games: Blue Birds, Shoot 'Em Up, Moai Doo-Wop, Rhythm Rally

Present Games: Love Lizards, Freeze Frame, The Dazzles, Crop Stomp

Present Games: Munchy Monk, Drummer Duel, Love Lab, DJ School

Present Games: Frog Hop, Dog Ninja, Big Rock Finish, Splashdown

Present Games: Space Soccer, Karate Man, Lockstep, Rockers

Present Games: Fan Club, The Dazzles, DJ School, Frog Hop, Big Rock Finish (Remixes now include more than just the four games before it.)

Present Games: Rhythm Rally, Dog Ninja, Drummer Duel, Fillbots, Lockstep, Freeze Frame, Karate Man, Munchy Monk, Blue Birds

Present Games: Moai Doo-Wop, Glee Club, Space Soccer, Crop Stomp, Built to Scale, Shoot 'Em Up, Karate Man, Splashdown

Present Games: All games, including Airborder (Karate Man is repeated twice)

Endless Games

Rhythm Toys

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