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Kung Fu Ball

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Kung Fu Ball (カンフーボール Kung Fu Ball) is a 2-player Endless Minigame in Rhythm Heaven Fever unlocked after obtaining 4 Duo Medals. In the game you play as the Kung Fu Kids, who pass the stone ball from one to another by punching and breathing fire at it until it breaks.


There are four different cues to watch out for, though since this is a keep-the-rhythm type stage, you'll only hear two. First off, to stay in the game, Players 1 and 2 press A to kick the ball betweeneach other at regular intervals. The two kung fu kids will occasionally jump towards each other, in which the players press A in double time, as the kids are now closer to each other.

You'll notice a little kappa in the water as well. If he says, "Heat Fu," then two beats after he says it, both players must press A and B together to breathe fire and keep the ball in the air. Heat Fu will also crack the ball a little bit. (More on that later.) The other cue is "Great Bird Claw Spike Pow." One of the kids will leap up right behind the ball. That player must press A as soon as the kappa begins saying "Spike" to spike the ball towards the other player, who must then press A at "Pow" to deflect it and keep the game going.

You'll also see the ball crack with each Heat Fu. While you won't see it here, if the ball fully cracks open, inside will be either an extra chance or a bunch of fish points. Which is more valuable depends on how long you expect to last before you lose. The big ball, seen at the start, cracks open to reveal a smaller ball, and inside that is a still smaller ball. If you break that one, the kappa will provide another big ball, and the cycle starts over, though with a faster tempo. If you miss the stone ball during the game, you will lose one life. It's game over when you lose 3 lives.


  • A: Punch
  • A + B: Heat Fu

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The ball is passed to another kid or it's been fired up with Heat Fu cue causing it to crack, releasing fish making a kappa happy.
  • Barely: The ball is passed, but the kid's fist will turn red depending on if the player was late or early. A barely counts as a hit.
  • Miss: The kid will do nothing as the stone ball falls down to the pond. Three misses end the game.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese カンフーボール Kung Fu Ball
FR French Boule kung-fu
ES Spanish Kung Fútbol
D German Kung-Fu-Kicker
IT Italian Kung Fu Ball
Flag of South Korea Korean 쿵후볼 Kung Fu Ball

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