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"Let's punch to the rhythm again... But watch for the tempo change! (NP)"
— Karate Man 2 Description

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Rhythm Tweezers 2 (GBA)
Karate Man 2
カラテ家2 Karateka 2
Karate Man GBA
BPM Varies
Appearance Rhythm Tengoku
Game Number 37
Perfect Reward Samurai Drum

Karate Man 2 (カラテ家2 Karateka 2?) is the 37th game in Rhythm Tengoku and a sequel to Karate Man. It plays the exact same way as the first one, however, there are major tempo changes in the song to throw you off track.


Karate Joe 2 (GBA)

In this game, it plays the same song like the prequel, but there are major tempo changes during the song that can throw you off track, and even slowing down the flying objects' tempo or even faster them up.


  • A: Punch

Timing Notes

  • Hit: Karate Joe will punch the object off-screen. The Flow bar will increase by one.
  • Barely: Karate Joe will wince as the object lands on the ground just in front of him. The Flow bar will decrease by one. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: Karate Joe will gasp as the object flies past him. The Flow bar will deplete completely. When punching a rock, if the Flow bar is not high enough, Karate Joe will gasp as the object falls to the ground and his fist will be colored red.

Rating Notes


  • "Wisdom from the Master"

Try Again

  • "You still need to focus on the basics."
  • "You couldn't keep up with the fast parts."
  • "The slow parts were a mess."
  • "You couldn't handle the super-slow parts."


  • "Yeah..."
  • "Eh. Good enough."
  • "For now, that'll do..."
  • "You barely made it."


  • "You kept your cool during the fast parts!"
  • "You kept steady when it got slow!"
  • "You punched right through the super slow parts!"



  • Missing even one of the super-slow or fast parts will give you Try Again.
  • The last cue that appears at the end of the game has its tempo randomized in different playthroughs of this game. It may be normal, slower or sometimes faster.

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