Karate Joe's Cat
カラテカの猫 Karateka no neko
Karate Joe's cat
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Fever
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven Fever

Karate Joe's Cat is an extremely minor character that appears once in Rhythm Heaven Fever. Next to nothing is known about it.

Physical Appearance

Karate Joe's Cat is a gray cat with black spots that is seen eating a fish. He has short whiskers and two pointy ears. He is seen sitting down bobbing his head to the music, and later, seen sitting on Karate Joe's shoulder.


Nothing is known about the cat's story.


Karate Joe's Cat doesn't have much of a purpose besides providing some comic relief to the player in the heat of an intense remix.


Remix 9 Wii icon Remix 9 (Wii)


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