"Our animal acrobat was originally
inspired by his sister back in the
jungle. Check out her skills!
— Jungle Gymnast Description

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Jungle Gymnast
ジャングルブランコリン Janguru Purankorin
Midair Trapeze 2 title
BPM 137.5
Appearance Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game Number 79
Perfect Reward 1 Flow Ball

Jungle Gymnast (ジャングルブランコリン Jungle Trapeze) is the 79th minigame. It's the sequel to Animal Acrobat in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. In this game, you're playing a female monkey, who is the sister of the orange monkey in the original Animal Acrobat. Instead of being in a circus, you play in the jungle.


Midair Trapeze 2 gameplay
The gameplay is almost the same as its prequel, but there is a new cue added. Monkeys with white fur will be swinging from a branch, sometimes four and sometimes one. The four monkeys will have to be held onto longer than the one monkey.


Button Mode

  • Press and hold A: Grab trunk, giraffe's head or white monkeys
  • Release A: Reach to another animal or to the fire ring

Simple Tap Mode

  • Press and hold Stylus: Grab trunk, giraffe's head or white monkeys
  • Release Stylus: Reach to another animal or to the fire ring

Timing Notes

  • Hit: The monkey catches or launches successfully from an animal and do a backflip.
  • Barely: The monkey catches or launches barely from an animal with a "tik" sound. A barely counts as a miss.
  • Miss: The monkey fails to catch an animal or to launch from one and falls to the bottom of the screen. She will return for the next animal to catch by jumping.

Rating Notes


  • "Word on the (Non-Grape) Vine"

Try Again

  • "Yikes--that was dangerous!"
  • "Focus on the faster bits."
  • "Your timing seems a tad off..."


  • "Eh. Passable."


  • "Stupendous skills!"
  • "Nice work with the white monkeys!"
  • "Awesome moves!"


Rhythm Item

Cute Ribbon

Cute Ribbon
Brotherly Love
My brother gave me this red ribbon when I joined the circus. I wear it for every show and rehearsal. It's nice to have him looking out for me (or at least for my head).

Skill Star

After you swing of a bunch of white monkeys, hold the fast white monkey and perfectly release it to collect the star.



  • The balloon at the end of the game looks similiar to the one from Monkey Watch.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese ジャングルブランコリン Jungle Trapeze
FR French La jungle des acrobates
ES Spanish Gimnasia en la jungla
D German Äffchenzirkus
IT Italian Ginnasta della giungla
Flag of South Korea Korean 정글 곡예 Jungle Acrobats

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