J.J. Rocker
ロッカー先生 Teacher Rocker
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven
Gender Male
Appearances Rhythm Heaven

J.J. Rocker is a pro guitarist. He appears in the minigame Rockers in Rhythm Heaven.

Physical Appearance

J.J. Rocker has brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a gray shirt, white pants, gray shoes, and holds his signature black guitar with a skull on it.


Throughout the game Rockers, J.J. Rocker will guide the player (playing as Student Guitarist) on how to play the guitar by giving them a rhythm to follow. J.J. will also say phrases like, "C'mon!" and "Last one!" to guide the player further.


According to the letter you get when you perfect Rockers, Guitar Monthly, J.J. Rocker was formerly known as "the King of Headbanging." The letter informs the reader that he's teaming up with a student to create a guitar duo.

J.J.'s headbanging briefly took him out of the music industry, as it resulted in a serious injury. It was a disappointment for many, as he was known as rocking legend. With the student at his side, J.J. will try to throw the rock down!