I'm a Lady Now (Stylized as I'm a lady now) is a song used in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It was performed by Hotzmic, written by Isao Nobuhara, composed by Tsunku and arranged by Kaoru Obuko. This song is used in the Honeybee Remix.

Hotzmic - I’m a lady now03:29

Hotzmic - I’m a lady now


I'm a lady now, I'm a lady now, already!
I'm a lady now. But you don't know me, anything at all.
Don't treat me like a girl

I need freedom now. I need freedom now. Wanna be free!
I need freedom now, in this beautiful and mysterious world.
No one else like me

I'm so fed up; break me outta this rut.
So can you give me passion from your heart?

(I just wanna sing) with you tonight.
(I just wanna dance) with you in the silent midnight.
(I just wanna fly) with you tonight
{I just wanna smile) with you 'til the end of time,
together, forever and ever in your love.

Your words can't, cannot stop this lady!

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