Hi-Hat is a Rhythm Toy in Rhythm Heaven Fever which can be unlocked after obtaining 14 Medals.


Hi-Hat is a Hi-Hat with a tongue and two eyes. Bouncing on Hi-Hat are springs shaped like Mr. Upbeat. Hi-Hat's background is a solid light blue color, however, depending on the rhythm you play, different characters including the Blue Birds, Rhythm Tweezers onions, Marshal, Miss Ribbon, and Cam can also appear in the background.


With Hi-Hat, you can play 4, 8, and 16 beat rhythms. By pressing A+B, the tiny Mr. Upbeat springs can bounce off of you, however, you must release the buttons in order for the big one to bounce off of you. By repeating this for long enough, music will gradually begin to play. If you miss, the music will partially fade out.



By maintaining a 4-beat rhythm for long enough, a remix of the theme from Blue Birds will begin to play, and the Blue Birds themselves will appear in the background in groups of three.


If you are able to keep an 8-beat for long enough, you will begin to hear a remastered version of the Arabic Rhythm Tweezers theme playing. Once again, in the background, you will see yellow onions in groups of three.

Lastly, keeping a 16-beat will play a version of Rhythm Heaven Fever's title screen theme. In the background, you will see pink versions of Marshal, Miss Ribbon, and Cam.


In Other Languages

Language Name
Flag of Japan Japanese
FR French
ES Spanish
D German Hi-Hat Jack
IT Italian Mr. Charleston
Flag of South Korea Korean

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