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The screen when receiving a gift in Rhythm Heaven Fever. This one is for Air Rally.

Gifts are rewards earned when getting a perfect on a game in the Rhythm Heaven series. Gifts that are received generally center around the rhythm game rewarded from, but is not always the case. There are two main types of rewards the player receives: Music and things to read. These gifts will be available to look at and listen to in the Cafe. In The Best Plus, each perfect awards you with a "flow sphere" which can be used towards the games that must be purchased (or coins if you buy them all). Every piece of music and all the things to read (in this case and object from each game with a note attached) is bought normally with coins that you earn from playing rhythm games .


Music rewarded usually involves the soundtrack played in the game that the player just perfected.

Things to Read

Things to read are notes that can be read. They usually involve the characters or overall background story behind the rhythm game. They may also include character biographies, especially in remixes.